Tuesday, 12 February 2013

XB3002 GAMES FUTURES #4: Research Post 1- Gaming Influences for GDD

First Research Post for this module!

...and not a single hoot was given.

Anyway, this post will cover some of the main influences I looked at for my Game Idea while writing up the 30 page Design Document. Just In case you've forgotten or haven't read the previous posts for this module, my chosen Game Idea is a turn-based strategy game tentatively called Army of Clones.

Now, obviously, most of the game is influenced by my DD3000 project on the ethics of cloning technologies, but I also looked at a few gaming sources as well, since I'm not overly familiar with turn-based strategy games. They include:-

XCOM: Enemy Unknown
A recently released turn-based strategy game released to positive critical acclaim. I looked at this to get a good idea of how turn-based strategy games work, as well as the troop management system

Fireaxis Games (2012). XCOM: Enemy Unknown. Novato, California, US: 2K Games

Advance Wars
Another strategy game, released some time ago on the Game Boy Advance. Again, as with XCOM, I looked at this to get a good idea of how these types of games usually work

Intelligent Systems (2001/2002). Advance Wars. Kyoto, Japan: Nintendo

Valkyria Chronicles
A Japanese strategy game set in an alternate universe version of World War 1. I really like the battlefield gameplay, where players will take full control of their units rather than simply directing them, so I've decided to incorporate something similar into Army of Clones

Sega Wow (2008). Valkyria Chronicles. Tokyo, Japan: Sega

Team Fortress 2
A competitive team deathmatch game developed by Valve. It has proved an excellent influence for developing character units because of its numerous, varied classes 
Valve Corporation (2007). Team Fortress 2. Washington, US: Valve Corporation

Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker
A stealth action game with management elements developed by Hideo Kojima exclusively for the PlayStation Portable. I really liked the Mother Base, where you could manage troops, so I used it as the primary inspiration for troop management in Army of Clones

Kojima, H. (2010). Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker. Tokyo, Japan: Konami

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