Thursday, 21 February 2013

XB3001 GAMES PROPOSAL #17: Preproduction Stage 3- Location and Setting

This is the third of a series of eight posts detailing the preproduction process of my own level. This one focuses on the Location and Setting stage

Around the time I was going through the Preproduction of my level, I'd been playing a lot of the new DMC: Devil May Cry game. I really liked the setting and environment design from that game, and in a way it kind of influenced my decisions for certain parts of this assignment, specifically this stage.

My decisions for Location and Setting are as follows:-

Level is set in a bizarre, supernatural realm outside our plane of existence
It is Limbo/ Purgatory-esque setting, somewhere between ‘Heaven’ and ‘Hell’
The area players must navigate is a series of floating structures filled with various challenges
Structure appear higher and higher/ lower and lower as player proceeds
Surreal, floating architecture and structures. Open ceiling structures, players can see other rooms around the level

The next stage is Photo Reference

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