Thursday, 21 February 2013

XB3001 GAMES PROPOSAL #19: Preproduction Stage 5- Story

This is the fifth of a series of eight posts detailing the preproduction process of my own level. This one focuses on the Story stage.

As the name suggests, this step focuses on the narrative behind the level, specifically the history behind the environment itself and how the player came to be there. Here is what I came up with for mine:-

Environment History:

  • The environment itself is set within an otherworldly realm ruled over by a powerful, supernatural entity of ambiguous origins and identity
  • The level is a series of bizarre structures constructed by the entity for the sole purpose of ‘testing’ people’s souls 

How player arrived:

  • The Player has been abducted by the entity and thrown into the ethereal realm, where the entity intends to ‘test’ them
  • The Player now has no choice but to complete the challenges set before them so that the entity may pass judgement upon them

The next Preproduction stage is Obstacles and Objectives

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