Wednesday, 16 January 2013

XB3001 GAMES PROPOSAL #13: Suggested Games Research

Ok, during our last session with the XB3001 module, Ben suggested a small selection of games that I should play to try and get some inspiration for my level design

The Walking Dead

An episodic point-and-click adventure game by Telltale Games based loosely on Robert Kirkman's The Walking Dead series. Players take on the role of Lee, a man caught up in the outbreak of a zombie apocalypse, through his interactions with other survivors and his attempts to survive the post apocalyptic world. Throughout the five episodes, players are expected to make tough decisions that affect their progression. These choices are made by making certain selections within a given time period.

Stanley’s Parable

A narrative driven Half-Life 2 Mod where players take the role of Stanley, a man who is guided by the narrator through a story. At certain moments, the player is presented with key options, where they are expected to follow the path the narrator tells them to. However, they are free to deviate from the pre-determined path and the narration will change accordingly, often in a hilarious fashion.


An exploration driven indie game where players are deposited into an environment consisting of a large island. The island itself is built up of various, vibrant pixelated assets, with constantly changing weather and seasons. The game seems to feature no objectives or indeed anything beyond the small area that players inhabit, yet it seems to invoke a wanderlust in the player, a desire to just explore the entire area for no other reason than the pleasure of it.


A student made Puzzle game that incorporates non-Euclidean geometry into its design. Built within UDK, its environment constantly shifts and changes as the player progresses through it, encouraging a strange sense of exploration.


An indie puzzle Platformer that has yet to be released. It has a simple, yet beautiful aesthetic and the non-linear gameplay encourages exploration through the numerous, puzzle-filled rooms as players search to uncover the secret behind this strange forgotten world. Kairo is currently available here for around £8. I've already purchased a copy myself.

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