Wednesday, 16 January 2013

DD3992 HONOURS PROJECT #10: Final Weapon Designs

It's been too long since I did a post for this module. To be fair, I have made a lot of progress since then, but I'm currently lacking digital copies of some images I used as research, so I haven't been able to give many updates. Rest assured, I should have them tomorrow but until then, it looks like we're going to have to make do with this meagre offering.

Basically, this post is about the finished weapons concepts I've done for Project Camelot. I'm sure I mentioned last time that I would create some 3D models to paint the final designs over, so let's get those out of the way first:-


So, as you can clearly see, I managed to take my designs and translate them into 3D models pretty easily. But what of the final paintovers? Well, around the time I did these, an industry concept artist called Sean Mooney gave a guest lecture here at Futureworks, giving us some tips about how to produce industry-standard concept art in a reasonably short space of time. If you're interested, you can find his work here:-

Anywho, following the lecture, i decided to try and incorporate some of the techniques he'd shown us all into my own work. The result can be seen below:-
The mighty Excalibur (left), with Caliburn (right) 
 A Longsword, seen here both in blade configuration (top) and rifle mode (bottom)
 A futuristic War Hammer
 A futuristic Lance
A Crossbow, a high-velocity long-range plasma pistol

And that about covers it for now. I think i could probably add a couple more details to some of the final designs (I find I'm not overly keen on the bottom of Excalibur for one thing..), but aside from that I'm more of less happy with these. I've already finished the first two environments, so like I said, I should have those up tomorrow.

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