Sunday, 23 September 2012

Introduction to Modules

May as well introduce myself while I'm here...
As you've no doubt guessed by the blog's name, I'm Sean Gannon and I am currently studying the Games Design Honours Degree at Futureworks, a media school in Manchester that is partnered with UCLAN (University of Central Lancashire). I have also just entered my final year at Uni, hence the creation of this blog.

This blog has been created as a record of work, assignments and research that I will create and accumulate as part of my third year at University.

Future posts will be categorised into one of three modules that comprise this year, which will be either:-

A. DD3992 Honours Project
A module involving a year-long project based on a speciality of my own choosing. My tutor for this module will be Ken Lau

B. DD3000 Design Futures
Full name Contextual Studies: Design Futures. This module will initially involve writing a report based on a future event or anniversary. It will be taught by Joe Shorrocks

C. XB3001 Games Proposal
A module involving the design of different components of a video game. My tutor for this module will be Ben Hill

So... yeah, that's the intro. Enjoy the rest of the blog.

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