Sunday, 23 September 2012

DD3992 HONOURS PROJECT #1: First Post

Just to quickly sum up, the Honours Project is a year-long module in which I will undertake a project of my own choosing. This project will be focused around a particular profession in Games Design (e.g. 2D Artist, 3D Artist, Designer etc.) and will determine whether or not I actually achieve the 'Honours' part of my Degree.

For my own Honours Project, I am currently thinking of concentrating on my 2D art, using an idea that I have been holding on to for some time. My current plan is to create a portfolio of concept art for various characters, environments and assets that all follow a central theme. The theme I am planning to use is a futuristic rendition of Arthurian Legend (King Arthur, for anyone who isn't a scholar). I'm also hoping to be able to create some 3D models based on my designs.

Here is a rough outline of what this portfolio will include:-
A. Character concepts
- Protagonist
- Antagonist
- Non-Player Characters
- Enemies, including at least one Boss Character
B. Environment concepts
C. Asset/ Object concepts
- Vehicles
- Weapons
- Items
- Minor Assets
D. 3D Models
- At least one Character
- At least one of each Asset type

Of course, at present, I still need to check with Ken and the other tutors to see whether or not my chosen project is both suitable and feasible, but if truth be told I'm somewhat hopeful that it will be. In any case, I'll find out tomorrow, so I'll probably post an update then.

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