Sunday, 5 May 2013

XB3001 GAMES PROPOSAL #24: Professional Environment Modelling

This is the final assignment for XB3001 Games Proposal. And just to shake things up, we're going to try to get it all done in one post! Fun times!

For this particular part of the module, we had to design and build an environment diorama based on or chosen theme. As I'd already done various metaphysical, metaphorical and mystical work in my previous assignments, I elected to do something more literal this time around, and as my theme was morality, that meant one clear option: a courtroom

Here we have the design sheet for my diorama, containing a small selection of research images and all the concept art I did for the diorama. As you can see, I chose to make the layout of the room circular with high walls, to give an oppressive nature to the who thing. And that bloodstain on the defendant's stand... what could that mean, I wonder?

And here we have the diorama itself, complete with renders of the models I used and texture sheets. I'll admit, I'm not completely satisfied with this one. For one thing, I'd have liked to have spent more time on the textures and I had to settle for presenting it in 3DS Max. Given the chance, I would have liked to have shown it in UDK, where I could have added some particle effects and lighting, as well as taken some more dynamic screenshots.
As it is though, it'll have to do...

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