Wednesday, 19 December 2012

XB3001 GAMES PROPOSAL #9: High Poly Character Design and Devlopment

Ok, second post in the XB3001 catch-up. This one's the development of my high-Poly Character, the Id, or the baser instincts.

Development of this character was slightly different than the previous one, though I did begin with thumbnails. There was a lot more diversity this time around, as I explored a lot of different ideas. I did, however, use certain influences in a few of my designs, namely baboons, goats, obese body shape, maw-for-a-face etc.

Once, again, I took a couple of designs into development (as you can see, I chose designs 5, 6 and 10). i was initially interested in the crazed, skeletal creature from design 10, but found that 6's disgusting yet monstrous appearance fitted in more with the characteristics of the Id. I did, however, add an anchor and some of the chained hooks to represent attempts to contain the Id.

I then tried some colour variants. I started with 6, but then expanded to 12. I experimented with a lot of different combinations, but eventually settled on a mix of red with murky greens bleeding in, to represent rage, passion and envy.

This all culminated in the final design, which you can see below. I present the Id, the manifestation of our base desires and instincts!

Next up, I'll show the models.

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