Monday, 22 October 2012

DD3992 HONOURS PROJECT #5: Vehicle 1 Progress

Officially made a start to my project yesterday by beginning concepts on the first vehicle, the Stallion (I may rename that later...).
The Stallion is essentially intended to be a mechanised horse-like vehicle capable of traversing all terrains. I began by creating a mood board of images I intended to use as possible inspiration for the design. These included images of actual horses, walking robots, hover-bikes and other futuristic vehicles. You can see the finished mood board below:-
What follows is the reference list for the Mood Board.
1.  Drawing of a Destrier.
2. Concept drawing of futuristic Horse Armour.
3. Image of a black Friesian.
4. Image of a white destrier.
5. Image of Horse armour from the Royal Armoury.
6. Painting of De Bohan’s Destrier.,r:0,s:20,i:133
7. Image of a Star Wars Speeder Bike.
8. Concept Art of a Hoverbike from Final Fantasy VII: Dirge of Cerberus.
9. Image of Cloud Strife’s Fenrir bike from Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children.
10. 3D Render of a Hoverbike concept.
11. Concept Art of a Hoverbike design.
12. Concept Art of various hoverbike designs.
13. Image of Project Nomad vehicle concept.
14. Photo of a hoverbike prototype.
15. Render image of a Mass Effect Geth Armature.
16. Render image of MGS4’s Crying Wolf.
17. Concept Art of a Hoverbike design.
18. deviantART image of a TRON Horse.
19. Figurine of Odin in Gestalt Mode from Final Fantasy XIII.
20. Concept Art of a Hoverbike design.
21. deviantART image of a Hoverbike design.
22. Image of a Light Cycle from TRON: Legacy.

Anyway, using this as a basis, I started by looking at the general body shape of a horse. From that, I created some silhouette thumbnails of potential designs. As you can see, my initial designs were generally more like an actual horse, before evolving into something more like a hoverbike:-
Once I had these 8 thumbnails, I then gathered some feedback from my tutors and peers to see which designs they liked the best. For the most part, they tended to favour either 5, 7 or 8 (or a combination of these), so I decided to develop those particular designs further. I began by fleshing out the designs a bit more  from the silhouettes. You can see this below:-
Not finished yet. Still need to finish the development, but as you can see I'm making progress. My next DD3992 should include the finished design.

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