Thursday, 25 April 2013

XB3002 GAMES FUTURES #10: The Importance of a CV and Cover Letter

These are notes from a lecture about how to write a CV and Cover Letter:-

The Main Differences between the Two
Cover Letter - Less than 1 page, brief information about person, experience, job profile etc. It's main purpose is to compliment the CV, introduce yourself, explain interest and how you're suited to the role

CV - More than 2 pages, more factual, full summary of education, work experience, info must be tailored towards the job (eg. for games industry jobs, choose work experience from the industry over Tesco, research experience, detailed account of qualifications and relevant experience and relevant experience to the position, should include personal information

Things to Avoid:-

  • Spelling and Grammar Errors
  • Informal Language (unless company is quite informal, in which case you may get away with it)
  • False Information
  • Blatant Lies!!
  • Strong Colours (if graphically rich)
  • Irrelevant Information (nobody cares if you like elephants...)
  • Borders

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