Monday, 19 November 2012

DD3992 HONOURS PROJECT #7: Vehicles Complete!

More catch-up blogging of my work so far! Yay... Anywho...

Since my last progress entry, I've managed to complete both of the vehicles I set myself for my Honours. First of all, let's look at the first one, the Destrier, or the Stallion.
Now, last time, I was up to this stage. Remember this?
Anyway, since then I've gone on to finish the design. I did this by doing the following:-
I began by tidying up and finalising the line art, as you can see above. from this, I had the general look of how the vehicle appeared.

I then tried out some different colour schemes, as the above image shows, as well as where the various banners would appear. After all, the Destrier is supposed to be ridden by knights, who generally have their own flags and symbols. However, as the vehicle is intended to be customisable, none of these colour schemes can be described as the 'final' colour palette; as with many cars and motorcycles today, the Destrier  will be have whatever colour scheme and symbols it's owner desires.

Finally, I made a quick sketch of a perspective view. Unlike later designs, I didn't create a 3D mock-up for the first vehicle, as it was not until after this one was completed that Ken suggested that approach. As such, there are some minor discrepancies. In any case, this led to...
...The final design. The Destrier is something of a cross between a horse and a hoverbike; a floating vehicle capable of traversing all terrains. While it's can't technically fly, it can be deployed in space is necessary and can otherwise travel anywhere. With a sleek design built for speed, it is typically ridden by knights, with the open seat allowing them to wield their weapons while riding. The 'head' contains a sensory unit which scans the area ahead of the vehicle, with the data collected being fed back to the rider through the view screen in front of the seat. All in all, it is essentially the Ferrari of this futuristic Arthurian universe.
I also created a quick image of a civilian model, the Garron. Unlike the Destrier, which is built for speed, the Garron is built for endurance. Its primary function is that of a workhorse, designed to pull heavy loads. With this in mind, I designed it with a bulkier shape and a yellow colour scheme reminiscent of a JCB digger.

So anyway, that's the first vehicle out of the way. The next vehicle is the Wyvern, a war machine that visually resembles a dragon. Normally I'd start with the mood board for this, but it's pretty big and I'm saving ti for another post. Anyway, as with the Destrier, I began with thumbnails, which you can see below:-
 As you can see, I tried a variety of different ideas with this one, ranging from flying tanks to fighter jets to gunship to battle mechs. After gathering some feedback from my peers, I then decided to use 2., 4. & 9., as these were unanimously regarded as the strongest designs.
 I then took to fleshing these designs out even more. However, I found myself leaning towards the 3rd design, as it felt its sleeker shape made it appear more advanced and fitted in with the Destrier.
 I then did a series of sketches exploring different aspects of the design, such as how the wings functioned and how they connected to the main body, as well as the pilot seat and eject system. Most of these can be seen above, and there is also a segment showing the different colour schemes is
This is the 3D model I created as a basis for the final design. To be honest, I found this one rather time consuming, though I believe this is due to the complexity of the design. I also have renders of a back view and a close up view of the mouth, but for the sake of being concise I haven't included them here. In any case, once this was finished, I set about painting over it.

Finally we have the final design of the Wyvern. It took a fair while, but overall I'm proud of how it turned out. The Wyvern itself is a walking battle mech capable of flight and armed with a powerful high-frequency plasma cannon. It's a formidable opponent, even when outnumbered, and is intended to be the stuff of nightmares when it appears on the battlefield.

So that's the vehicles done and dusted. Next post will include my work so far on the 5 weapons I have to design.

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