Monday, 19 November 2012

DD3992 HONOURS PROJECT #6: My Work Process

Yeah, seems that I've kinda neglected this here blog over the past few weeks, especially in regards to my Honours Project... It's about time I rectified that...

I figured I should devote at least one entry to my current workflow, since I AM getting marked on this thing. For the most part, I've been following a very specific pattern in my design work. It goes something like this:-
  • Research/ Mood Board
  • Thumbnails/ Silhouettes
  • Select 3 Thumbnails to Develop Further (Optional; sometimes I'll just choose one)
  • Development of Designs (finalising the 'look')
  • Select 1 Design to Go Forward with (Again, optional)
  • Sketches to display or determine shape/ functionality/ minor details
  • Colour Schemes
  • 3D Mock-Up (depends on subject)
  • Final Design
This has been my general method of working throughout the project thus far. Much of it is based on a couple of images from an artist named ManArtee on concept, which show how he/she designed a walking tank from a thumbnail. As you can see, he began with the silhouette, before developing the lineart and then finally adding colour.
ManArtee (2009). ManArtee Sketch Dump, Post #23. Retrieved from 

However, at Ken's suggestion, I've also added an additional step of building a quick 3D model of the subject to paint over for the final design. I've found this helps a great deal with getting the perspective and proportions right for the final image, though the modelling can take up more time than it should if the design is fairly large or complex. This process was based off of this developer diary from the game Planetside 2.

Original source:

That more or less sums up how I've been working on my Honours project so far. For my next few posts, I'll show how far I've progressed from the last time you saw this.

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